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Online Backup

Backing up in today’s age

In today’s fast growing technology world, we all know that we need to back-up our data. Back-up technology made a fast-forward in the development of offsite back-up techniques. Experience has learned that backing up your data solely onsite, leaves your business vulnerable to external factors like fires, floods and power surges. Netvision can offer a Best-in-class online back-up solution because we know the importance of keeping your company data, financial records, and administrative materials safe.

What Netvision offers:

Our in-house service package under guidance of our certified professionals consists of:

• Netvision IT-professional installs required software on your desktops and/or servers;
• We will set up a username and password to give access to the software clients that will be used to create back-up of your system and securely sending it to your offsite;
• Facilitating the process of selecting vulnerable business data and software;
• Help you create custom-made back-up schedules that suit the needs of your company;
• Short briefing with IT-staff in the new back-up implementation;

Additional Features:

• Your daily and weekly back-ups will additionally kept safe for an extra 90 days;
• With secure communication between the clients software and the offsite back-up to safe keep your data;
• Your data will be stored in a highly secured data center;
• Our partners work with the best companies in data storage (EMC2);
• By using the newest back-up techniques we are able to move large amounts of data to the offsite back-up software;
• Access data with iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) running version 4.0 or newer and Android devices running version 2.0 or newer.

At Netvision we know data and our service provider manages more than 90 petabytes of data for millions of customers. Your data is safe with us. Our services provider’s world-class data centers use military-grade encryption and are SSAE 16-audit- Ed and ISO 27001-certified. We make backing up easy and worry free for you by setting the back-up schedule and policies. We support Windows and Macs with the added benefit of on-site and off-site back-up solutions with 2x Protect for Windows users.